Next generation immunotherapeutics

About us

Vaxican is a startup raised by a group of people with academic background.

In 2020 we have been a member of MIT Acceleration Programme and since then we have developed and expanded in two directions.

First, where our mission is to create synergistic immunotherapies that really transform the way we treat some of the most devastating diseases we have faced today, especially in cancer.

The second, under the shield of Vaxican Genomics, where we provide the services in the field of next generation sequencing (Oxford Nanopore Technology official service provider) of full genomes of microorganism and targeted sequencing of human and animal DNA/RNA.

& Development

Cancer is leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10mln deaths in 2020, or nearly one in six deaths.

Immunotherapies have been used to treat various types of cancer for a decade or more, but it is still the case of the future to cure it. In spite of some remarkable successes and billions of dollars spent on research and development, immunotherapy is used mainly for hopeless cases of stage III and stage IV diseases.

We wanted to produce next generation immunotherapeutics, that will work as a prophylactic vaccine against cancer.

We have been developing a platform on the basis of virus like-particles, that enables a specific cancer antigen exposure.

We wanted to teach the patient’s immune system how to recognize cancer cells and stimulate humoral as well as cellular response.



Martyna Krejmer-Rąbalska, PhD

Medical Laboratory Scientist Science/Technology


Łukasz Rąbalski, PhD

CEO, Science/Technology


Krzysztof Łepek, PhD

COO, Science/Operations


Maciej Kosiński

Sequencing Process Manager, Science/Technology



Mateusz Sagan, MBA



Aurelia Schweda, MSc

R&D Laboratory Manager, Science/Technology

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