Vaxican Genomics
Services of next generation sequencing

Vaxican Genomics

Vaxican Genomics provide services of next generation sequencing using Oxford Nanopore Technology (official service provider) and bioinformatic analysis of full genomes of pathogens, including bacteria, bacteriophages, human and animal viruses, and human genes recently.

We offer genetic material (DNA, RNA) isolation, library preparation and full bioinformatic analysis of raw data with biological interpretation. Please contact us, to get your personalized offer.

What makes us stand out?

Thanks to extensive knowledge and rich scientific achievements in the field of molecular biology, biotechnology, virology and sequencing, the information you receive from us is not only raw data, but a full analysis with biological interpretation.

It is great piece of data with biological sense!

We love to be involved in the projects rather than only a one time sequencing

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